We hold all the necessary certificates (SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005, SR OHSAS 18001:2008), environmental permits, and authorizations and we are commited to protecting the environment, generating resources from recycling WEEE's (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and acting in favor of sustainable growth.

We can collect and treat all 10 types of WEEE's mentioned in the legislation, including batteries and accumulators, except lightning equipment.

Equipment categories

according to Directive 2002/96/EC

1. Large household appliances Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc.
2. Small household appliances Vacuum cleaners, irons, coffee machines, scales
3. IT and telecommunications equipment Personal computers, laptops, printers, telephones
4. Consumer equipment TV sets, radio sets, cameras, musical instruments
5. Lighting equipment Fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps
6. Electrical and electronic tools Drills, saws, sewing machines, tools
7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment Electric trains, cars, video games, consoles,
8. Medical Devices Radiotherapy, cardiology, dialysis, analysers, etc.
9. Monitoring and control instruments Smoke detectors, thermostats, heating regulators, etc.
10. Automatic dispensers Dispeners for hot drinks, products, money, etc.

The processed waste is then redirected, according to their type:

  • metals to smelters
  • plastics to plastics manufacturers, where they are mixed with other materials and used to fabricate different products
  • glass to CRT manufacturers or other glass products
  • polyurethanic foam will be incinerated and harnessed
  • dangerous substances (freon, mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.) will be incinerated or stored in temporary storage stations

Waste collection is free of charge!

Please contact us at romania@premiermoving.ro to discuss the details of your collection.


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